Studio Sannino

Studio Sannino LLP is the center of professional education accredited by the Lombardy Region which possesses a certified system of quality management ISO 9001:2008 and has a longstanding experience in the field of education, security, environment, hygiene and business consulting.

Studio Sannino LLP provides the following services to professionals and public and private organizations:

  • Courses of Italian language for foreigners;
  • Certification of quality management systems and environmental management systems;
  • Consulting and education services in the field of workplace health, safety and security;
  • Implementation of the organisational model according to the decree D. Lgs. 231/2001;
  • Consulting and education services in the field of hygiene, food security and HACCP;
  • Training services for qualification and refresher courses;
  • Training services for the integration and reintegration of unemployed;
  • Analysis of educational activities needs, planning, fundraising, management and reporting;
  • Education financed by interprofessional funds and funding projects.


Studentship Funding Agreement – Realtors

Studio Sannino intends to fund in the region of 2 studentships, starting in 2017 to deliver
new experts with practical benefits.
Studio Sannino provides support to a number of postgraduate students who are engaged
in research projects relevant to realtors.
He aim of this programme is to help develop the next generation of technical experts for
the real estate market.
Applicants will be expected to demonstrate that their proposals meet the priorities of at
least one of the Studio Sannino sector divisions participating in the programme.
The project includes:
1. Analysis of the real estate industry in your country;
2. Comparative analysis of the industry immobilare state to state in relation to a
European capital.
Funding levels:
1. training course of 220 hours realtor